The Maltese Ħobza makes it to CNN’s list of Top 50 breads around the globe

Ask any person which country they think has the best bread, and we’ll tell you, hands down, with no competition whatsoever, that no country makes bread like we do.

We’ve always known it and have always vouched for it, but now CNN has gone and made it all official after placing Maltese bread in their list of Top 50 bread around the globe.

When it came to describing our bread, Jen Rose Smith wrote:

“The tawny crust of Malta’s sourdough gives way to a pillow-soft interior, ideal for rubbing with a fresh tomato or soaking up the islands’ prized olive oils.
Classic versions take more than a day to prepare, and were traditionally baked in shared, wood-fired ovens that served as community gathering places.
Even now that few Maltese bake their own bread, Ħobż tal-Malti has a powerful symbolism for the Mediterranean island nation.
When trying to discover someone’s true nature, a Maltese person might ask “x’ħobz jiekol dan?,” literally, “what kind of bread does he eat?”
Excuse me while I go celebrate this achievement by running down to Qormi for a piece of fresh hobza, straight out of the oven, covered with spread tomatoes, a tiny bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Heaven in one bite. No wonder it made it to the world’s Top 50!

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