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The Malta Tourism Authority Clarifies Some Grey Areas About Bars and Band Clubs


Following a social media uproar last night about a somewhat-of-a-u-turn with regards to the closure, or lack thereof, of bars and band clubs, the Malta Tourism Authority has issued a statement to clarify the matter – since the new regulations came into force as at 8am today!

With reference to the legal notice published yesterday, the MTA said that the law reads that bars and clubs may serve drinks and food, but only to customers seated at tables.



The main focus remains on the concept of a customer sitting at a table and not standing, with the applicable relative social distance.

The MTA said that the definition of food served by a bar or club, secondary to the main principle mentioned above, should be interpreted as snacks and platters, with a spirit of reasonableness and common sense. The Authority also said that it is not acceptable for anyone to distort regulation and to not abide by this requirement, especially at the expense of human health. The Authority continues to emphasize the importance of responsibility and discipline.



What Measures Came Into Force today?


As from Today at 8am, Deputy Prime Minister Fearne had announced the following measures:

  • Clubs, Nightclubs, and Discos to be closed until further notice.
  • Bars, Kazini and Bar-and-Restaurant establishments, will only be allowed to operate their restaurant side of business, i.e. seated service only. Moreover, alcoholic drinks will only be allowed to patrons who would be dining at the restaurant.
  • Boat Parties are to be canceled until further notice.
  • People in groups of more than 15 will not be allowed in public places.
  • The obligatory use of a face mask will be extended to all enclosed public places.

With regards to Weddings, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne had announced that as from the weekend commencing 28th August, all weddings are to be held in a restaurant ambience. This means that all guests are to be seated, with a maximum of 8 people per table and with a 2-metre space between tables. Food and drinks at weddings are to be solely served at the tables.