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The Heatwave Has Placed A Great Strain On Bats


Over the past week, the Maltese Islands have been experiencing an excruciating heatwave – and it looks like it’s affecting the nests of flying mammals too, aka bats.


Helpline heroes rescue 63 baby bats struck by heat wave - News - Bat Conservation Trust


The Nature Trust Rescue Team has recently revealed that it has been receiving several requests for help from those who are finding young bats who are struggling to endure the heat.



Although the rescue team said that it is normal to find young and abandoned bats during summer, the numbers in recent days have suddenly escalated when six requests were made over a four-day period.


The Team urges all of those who come across young bats in difficulties to contact them on 9999 9505 to enable volunteers to reach the spot and place them in a shaded, cool environment and give them some water.



This is absolutely crucial, since bats are not only a protected species, but are essential for our environment and the eco-system as they help control the insect population.


Young bats have been dropping from the places where they dangle in an effort to attain coolness since the species finds trouble in controlling their body temperature.