The frustrating & emotional stages of applying winged eyeliner

winged lin er

What is a makeup look without a sleek & winged eyeliner?

We’ve all experienced the frustrating and sometimes emotional process of applying that perfect winged liner, only to fail miserably at the last minute and end up having to start the process all over again.

Girl, I feel you!!

Here are the nerve-wrecking stages of applying winged liner.

I am going to do this!

It’s what we say to ourselves every time we decide to challenge our limits and go for the wing.

Got everything laid out on the vanity to start the process. With determination, I’ll start the first eye and everything seems to be going smoothly.

It’s too good to be true … but you trust the process.

First eye, DONE!

Yes, I’ve done it, it’s out of the way and it came out perfectly if I may say so myself … fingers crossed.

So happy and satisfied to have made it this far and applied that perfect liner on the first eye.

Now the real challenge starts! Good luck applying the same exact winged liner on the second eye.

Keep steady!

Slow and steady wins the race … slow and steady wins the race.

So excited to finish the overall makeup look, take a look at that piece of art I call my winged eyeliner …

Oh come on… now my hands start to shake? Really?

This doesn’t look promising at all…

Not matchy matchy!

The result of a shaky arm is a not-so-straight line and a totally different angle wing.

Even got out my imaginary protractor to measure the wing in my head.

Why me?

Crisis Management

This is the tricky part. This is the part where the panic kicks in.

Already late at this point … should have been out of the door 15 minutes ago. But where there’s a will there’s a way.

Will not stop until I get the winged liner that dreams are made of.

Let’s try and fix what we have. At least all that work is not wasted.

Panda where?

Fixed all I could.

But one look in the mirror and … BAM! Panda. A panda is staring right back at me.

Where is the eye makeup remover?

Tag someone who knows the pains all too well.