The Eden Super Bowl Is Open Again Today!


Bowl is back – OFFICIALLY!


If you weren’t sure whether bowling alleys were reopening after the latest measures we can finally confirm for you. As of today, the Eden Super Bowl is open for business after 2 months closed.



The ESB team is ready to welcome you back onto their lanes in a safe environment as always. There are all the measures necessary to make sure anyone can enjoy a night of bowling with no worries.


Besides, mask-wearing, sanitisation spots and social distancing markers, lanes are also limited to only four people per lane. So call up your closest friend group for some striking fun!


Bowling is back in full steam, so expect some classic events to be making a return as well, with some COVID adjustments of course. Keep on the lookout for some competitions as well – both on-air and online!


Follow The Eden Superbowl on their Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with what’s going on at the alley!



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