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“The Doctor Told Me I Had a Throat Infection and to not Bother Getting Tested”- Muxu


In this week’s episode of Bay Chats, Singer-Songwriter Muxu opens up exclusively about his COVID-19 diagnosis, which he found out about by chance, after what doctors had said, looked like a normal throat infection.

“I originally booked the test because my friend’s best friend had it, and I booked one just in case, and I took a week off as a precaution,” Muxu said adding that by the time I did the test, “I wasn’t feeling good and I wasn’t bad, my fever had gone. My throat was really bad, I had gone to the doctor and he had told me to not bother getting tested, as it was just a throat infection – but I did the test anyways.”



“It can’t be! It can’t be! I feel great!”

Muxu said that he kept refreshing the website, “which is a great website”, and he kept opening his previous “Not Detected” Test, “and all of a sudden, the day after the test, I got the “Detected” test. For the whole three weeks which I spent in quarantine I kept dreaming of the word ‘Detected’ all the time,” Muxu said.

Apart from the quarantine and the impact on physical health, Muxu said that the hardest part of it was the mental health aspect of it.



“We’ve spent the past year, hearing or mentioning COVID-19 everywhere you go, be it social media, be it radio or even normal conversation. When you suddenly get it – you realise that this thing you have been trying to escape is inside you – and the things you are not meant to touch are your own things,” Muxu told us, adding that so many people are even scared to say that they have it, and they only come out to say it after they would have gotten it, “to avoid the stigma.”

“Mentally it still affects you and you constantly wake up, and, taking my experience, you almost feel dirty on a daily basis, and you also feel that whatever you touch, you can get someone else sick, and it’s a very intense feeling – knowing that what you have can kill others,” he said.



“If Someone has COVID-19, they don’t need reminding”

On the stigma surrounding COVID-19, Muxu said that sometimes it was the small comments, “from the people who are supposed to be close to you,” that got to him and affected him.

“For example when I started feeling better I would be out in my garden and I would send a photo to my friends or to certain family members, saying ‘I’m doing much better, I still have it, but I am feeling fine.’ I would get replies like ‘make sure when you get off your chair, you sanitise it, because you can infect someone else,'”he said.

“It’s the last thing you need to be constantly reminded of. So my advise to those who know of anyone who has COVID-19 is to treat the person like they would treat someone else with a cold, by simply saying ‘get well soon,'” Muxu told us, adding that he even got a “Jaq! I don’t want to touch it because I might get it!”



“There have been a lot of good things that came out of this Pandemic, especially for the world, in general”

Muxu said that while the pandemic obviously brought with it a lot of bad things, he believes that for the world in general something good did come out of it – as “the earth really needed some air to breathe.”

“Everyone needs to watch David’s Attenborough’s Netflix Documentary because it just shows how we humans are destroying the world, and to appreciate just how much the earth needed to in fact, breathe,” he told us.



On an individual level, Muxu said that he believes that everything happens for a reason, and that “when you have these moments, where you have to isolate, in my case, in my room for three weeks you have to think and readjust your life, and use your me-time effectively.”

He said that weirdly enough, his time in quarantine was a blessing he didn’t know he needed, as he is now striving to keep a balance in his daily routine, taking time off social media, taking days off, and just finding time to be on his own.



“Don’t Worry! Take this time to heal yourself”

Muxu’s message to all those going through COVID-19 is to not worry, and to take this time to heal and to better themselves, “whether it’s by reading or by learning a new hobby.” He said this while reiterating his advise to those who know of someone who has COVID-19. “Just show them love, be nice to them. They know they’re sick, they know all the facts about coronavirus, they’ve read everything as much as you did – just show them love.”

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