The catcalls all women in Malta are super tired of hearing

malta cat call

We’ve all heard them .. or not?

“Aw slajs”

Presumably catcallers are referring to a slice of bread. It could possibly be a reference to a thin person. I’m as lost as you are.

“Aw bulubeef”

Bulubeef is the slang term for corned beef. In this case, a catcaller would be showing his appreciation for thicc persons using a reference to beef

“Mwa … pupa sweet”

The strangest of them all. It could be that the caller only knows baby language or he/she is simply terrible at sentence structure.

“X bambinella fik!”

We are used to seeing the peach emoji to refer to notable backsides. However, you might find locals using the bambinella fruit to vulgarly compliment a girl’s curves.

“Fl isem tal missier, tal iben u tal gisem li ghandek”

A heartfelt reference to religion to express joy at watching a macho man walking by. Most probably even Tyga would gladly exclaim: “Goddamn”.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not use any form of catcalls. First, because they are simply rude and they do not make the caller sexy in any way. Second, a recent new law prohibits the use of catcalls unless one wants to incur a hefty thousand euro fine!


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