“The Best Fighter In The World For One Day” – WBC Officially Recognises Bridger Walker


”If anyone should die, it’s me, I’m the older brother”

These are the words which 10-year old Bridger Walker said as he rescued his younger sister from an attacking German Shepherd.

Even though he suffered 90 bites all over his body, including permanent damage to his face, Bridger saved his three-year-old sister from certain death.


In an extremely sweet and touching gesture, young Bridger was named by the World Boxing Council as the Honorary Champion for his extraordinary brave actions, risking his own life to protect his younger sister.

Bridger has already received his belt, which endorses him as the WBC Honorary Champion, as well as some presents for him and his sister.

“At the WBC, we are so very thrilled to name Bridger as our Honorary Champion for his courageous actions that represent the absolute best values ​​of humanity. On our register we have officially entered that he was the best fighter in the world for one day.”