The aubergine float is here to fulfill all your summer float fantasies

aubergine float

We’ve seen our fair share of strange floats roaming around Malta’s beaches, but just imagine seeing someone floating around in an aubergine in the middle of Ghadira.

We have to admit, it’s a sight for sore eyes; knowing exactly what the aubergine emoji stands for in emoji language, let’s just say many tend to steer clear from using it as much as they can.

But now they’ve gone and made an aubergine float that looks too comfortable to pass over despite its connotations.

aubergine float

Apparently, the aubergine float takes up to two people to lounge in its comfort.

It’s bottom is made out of a net, so that you feel submerged in water while floating.

You’d definitely be the highlight of the party if you showed up with one of these inflated and ready to go.

Would you buy the aubergine float, or is it too embarrassing to show up with?

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