The 7 types of Maltese people you’re bound to meet during Lent

lent in malta

With lent having just kicked off and the time of sacrifice officially started, we can’t help but ponder about the kind of people we’ll encounter during this sacred period of the year.

1. Those who do lent to drop down a size or two



They’ve failed to keep their New Year’s resolution, and so far they’ve never managed to attain their summer beach body, but this year is different.

This time, they’re going to do it. So what better way to make it work than sacrifice sweets and eat clean all in the name of the 40 days of lent?


2. The no meat on Wednesdays and Fridays



“Absolutely no meat on these holy days! But please, get me as many ricotta pastizzi and lampuki pies as you can carry, because those I can eat.”

“Don’t forget that ftira biz-zejt, it’s all I can eat today.”

“For dinner today, we’ve got salmon fillet with roast potatoes and a side of roast vegetables, ghax illum ma jiswiex laham!”

As you can see, the sacrifice is real …


3. Those who finish the 40 days of lent with the greatest of grace



And we must say … hats off to you, you’re an inspiration to us all! 40 days of sacrifice with no sweets, no excuses … simply amazing!

You can offer these people as many mini figolli, chocolates as you can muster, but they’ll never cave.

Nothing and no one will make them fall into temptation.


4. Those who follow the written word a bit too literally



Come Good Friday, you see them popping open a bottle of wine or whiskey and enjoying a drink or two.

Their reply?

“ EEEE, ghax He drank wine during the last meal! I’m simply following in his footsteps uu!”


5. The not-so strong willed ones



They give it a try each year, you know, 40 days not eating any sweets, or not drinking alcohol.

The first two weeks are manageable, but it’s during the third that things get tough. They say that Sunday is the equivalent of lent cheat day, so they’ll gobble down as many sweets as they can, but only on Sunday.

Until it’s Tuesday and the sweet tooth craving really starts kicking in, then it’s bye bye lent and hello chocolate!


6. The Nanna forcing you to do Lent



You better not eat candy or meat in her presence on a Wednesday or Friday, or you’ve had it.

“Do you know what day it is today?? Meat, today??”

No use in telling her you don’t believe in this stuff, for as long as you are under her roof you shall not eat meat or candy on the holy days!


7. The people behind our yearly traditions


traditional maltese figolli


They’ve been preparing for this week for months on end now. Going to pageant rehearsals and making sure the script for the drama is as accurate as possible, getting ready for the Good Friday purcizzjoni, making sure the costumes are perfect and everything is set to go.

Then you have the bakers who get up in the wee hours of the morning, preparing the qaghaq tal-appostli, kwarezimal and figolli and setting their stands up in different locations for our convenience.

Their dedication is real and our traditions would slowly die out without them. They’re the people that make this time of year worthwhile, giving the rest of us something to look forward to each year.