The 7 stages every person goes through on April Fool’s!

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Getting pranked on April Fool’s is a rite of passage, you expect it to happen even though you desperately don’t want it to! And no matter how hard you try, to not fall for it year after year, someone, somewhere will probably manage to fool you.

So without further ado, here are the 7 stages every person goes through during April Fool’s.

1. Today is the day where you can trust nothing and no one

Everyone might be an accomplice to the biggest April fool’s prank about to be pulled on you.

Any post you see up on Social Media is probably a joke.

Anyone you meet, whether you know them or not might be strategising a way to pull an April Fool’s joke on you.

But not today satan! Not today! This year, you’ve got it under control.

2. You’re suspicious of every single thing that comes your way

A warden asking you to pull over? Probably a prank, mela you should keep driving.

Someone offered to make you a cup of tea? You’ve got arms and legs, you can get it yourself thank you very much!

Your best friend in tears after allegedly having a huge fight with their partner, today of all days? Is she being serious or is this an April fool’s joke?

Partner attempting to break up with you? Laugh is off and ask them to try again tomorrow.

3. Not knowing if someone is actually having a serious conversation with you or trying to prank you

While you’re having one of the most serious heart-to-heart conversation with your bestie, significant other or whoever, the only thing you can really focus on is your inner thought telling you– “If they go APRIL FOOLS at the end of this conversation ħa nifqa’ kulm’hawn….”

4. Checking for phones or cameras whenever you enter a room

The biggest tell-tale sign that someone is about to bamboozle you. They’ll probably want to film the whole shenanigan, and there’s no way in hell you’ll let them catch it on camera for everyone to see.

If a camera is in the vicinity, you ain’t having any of it!

5. The feeling of betrayal that hits you from someone you least expected it

You would’ve expected it from your family members, best friends and those closest to you … but from the colleague you speak to once every two days?

Absolutely never. The betrayal! Betrayal!

6. Having to awkwardly fake a laugh after someone has managed to pull one on you

The determination you woke up with this morning to avoid everything and anything at all cost has failed you. You’ve been pranked and there’s nothing left to do… except… put on an awkward smile and wallow in self-pity.

7. Jumping into bed whilst thanking the heavens that the day is over

It’s over, it’s finally over. No one can prank you while you’re in the warmth and safety of your bed.

Now you’ve got exactly 364 days to either go through this pain and despair all over again, or to plot your revenge. The decision is no one but yours to make … choose wisely.

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