The 10 Types of Professors you’ll Experience at UOM

With schools around the island closed for the rest of the academic year, we  thought it’s time we celebrate some of our country’s fine educators – the professors. If you’re a student at UOM, then you’ve surely come across this fascinating species that dominate the campus – and I’ve narrowed them down to 10…

The professor that makes sure you address them as “professor”. OR ELSE.

They’ll give you an entire speech on why you should call them professor – like okay, we get it, you earned the title, fair enough, but you could say it a little nicer.

The Technologically Challenged Professor

This is the one that claims the speakers are broken when they’re trying to show you something on YouTube… turns out the video was just on mute…

The Old School Professor

They don’t let you use technology, just pen and paper (like, I’m trying to save the trees here?!?!)

The Professor that just doesn’t care

Show up 30 minutes late to their class? Turned in your assignment a week past the deadline? Snuck out of their lecture right after signing the attendance sheet? Yep, they still won’t care.

The Monotone Professor, or as I like to call them, the Snooze Fest.

Their lectures are A BORE. All they do is read off of their slides and have no enthusiasm whatsoever – it’s a no from me.

The Passionate Professor

You will actually have good professors. Some of them are so passionate about their subject, that it’s actually fascinating, and you’ll be able to understand what they’re talking about (shocker, right?). But it will make you love them even more.

The Snob

Want to voice your opinion in their class? Don’t. If your ideas aren’t the exact same as theirs, forget it. They’re also the one to kick you out if you show up 5 minutes late.

The Professor that never shows up on time

The “leave if the professor doesn’t arrive within the first 15 minutes” rule does not apply here – but hey, shorter lectures!

The Professor that doesn’t fathom the concept of time

They’ll either make sure to finish right on time or keep you 5 minutes late…even though you have other lectures after theirs.

The Self-Promotor

This professor makes sure that YOU KNOW that they wrote a book. They’ll snatch any opportunity to speak about themselves, their research or their book. Did I mention they wrote a book?

Come on, admit it, you do miss them a bit don’t you?

What other professors did you experience at UOM?

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