The 10 Stages Of Online Shopping


Let’s face it, life has been unusual and boring for over a year now and no matter how many times we tell ourselves that we need a ‘purpose’, all our minds hear is ‘purchase’. So, if you’ve fallen into the same temptation of online shopping over and over again this year, here’s something you can relate to…


It All Starts From An Ad


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Having ASOS, Joom, and/or Amazon show you multiple adverts on all your socials really doesn’t help when you’re trying to save up – especially if they’re showing you a cute sweater you just need to have…


Or Going On ASOS Whenever You’re Bored


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“Let me just have a look, see if they got anything new or interesting, kinda like virtual window shopping”.



‘I’ll Only Look At The Sale Section…’


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So, you decided to take a look at the website…but maybe you want to be wise about it, so you say you’ll only look at the sale section (even though you end up never buying anything from the sale section 89% of the time because it sucks).


The Vortex Of Scrolling


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Your interests have been piqued now, so why not spend HOURS of endless scrolling through websites? Not like we have anything else to do right now anyways… Plus, ‘price low to high’ is still your best friend.


Putting Everything In The Cart Then Feeling Guilty About It



…But you end up buying everything 2 hours later because you still use ‘yolo’ and ‘treat yourself’ as quotes-to-live-by.


The Shipping Fee Debate


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Some god-sent websites offer free shipping, but some charge you for it – and even though you’ve reached the checkout with over 100 euros worth of stuff in your cart, that additional 5er seems like a little bit too much



Missing Your Window Of Opportunity


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If you’re an online-shopping-troopie (or if shipping was free), you might be left to face another disappointment – when the item you’ve spent hours scrolling for goes out of stock by the time you check out, or else when you’ve been waiting for payday for WEEKS, only for the site to tell you “we don’t ship to your country”. The audacity.


Placing The Order Anyways



“You know what? It’s been a while since I last splurged on myself a little, so why not? Self-love is KEY”; you tell yourself as you try to validate your reasons for making the purchase… at least your fits will be fire now.




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You might choose never to pay for shipping, but who are you kidding? You have a bookmarks bar full of sites that offer free shipping, you go on ASOS every time you’re bored, and payday = treat yourself for working so hard.




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Your order arrives and if you’ve shopped online enough, then you’re rarely disappointed. And every day is Amazon Prime Day when you have a credit card and absolutely no self-control.

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