The 10 Most Watched Netflix TV Series Ever


2022 will soon see Netflix’s 15-year anniversary… In the past, Netflix was notoriously secretive with its viewership numbers, but now, Netflix both announces its numbers and is willing to stand on it. The streaming giant even reveals which particular season gartered in the most views. So, if you’re looking for the next binge-worthy series, here’s a look at the 10 most-watched Netflix series…


Sweet Tooth (Season 1)



Based on Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, Sweet Tooth has everything from child-parent relationships and children with horns, to a post-apocalyptic world. On top of that, the series was recently renewed for a second season!


The Queen’s Gambit



Arguably one of the most addictive, beautifully done Netflix series is The Queen’s Gambit – a miniseries based on Walter Tevis’ 1983 novel of the same name. Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, the series has remarkably won 11 Emmys.


Tiger King (Season 1)



Taking you back to the OG pandemic days is Tiger King, an intoxicating tale of deceitful tiger owners. The series inspired several companies and also received a Season 2 renewal last year. The second season is expected to drop on November 17th.


Money Heist (Part 4)



Praised all around the globe for intertwining a complex plot with rich storytelling and peak dramatics, Money Heist is one of the best examples of word of mouth.


Stranger Things 3



You probably saw this one coming, but Stranger Things is one of the most popular Netflix series of all time, and we can definitely see why. Luckily for us, we’ll be seeing its fourth season in 2022!


Sex/Life (Season 1)



We rarely get to see a female-led series showing the lead going through a mid-life crisis, but this series gives us all of that and more! Critics hated it, so did viewers, but Netflix says people were watching it, and, it received a second season renewal.


The Witcher (Season 1)



Based on the infamous  book series and video game franchise, The Witcher had a lot riding for it. Plus, it gave viewers something that sort of felt like Game of Thrones, or at least similar enough to scratch that itch. Other than that, Season 2 is set to land on December 17th as Season 3 is already in the works.


Lupin (Season 1):



One of 2021’s earliest hits was Part 1 of Lupin, which also marked the first time a French series hit the Top 10 on Netflix! Lupin is also the most critically acclaimed series of the year, so it’s definitely worth a watch.


Bridgerton (Season 1)



We can’t talk about the top 10 Netflix serious without mentioning Bridgerton, which took the world by storm when it came out mid-pandemic. This period drama gives a story worth investing in, and is expected to have a total of seven seasons, just like the book series of the same name.


Squid Game (Season 1)



Of course, last but not least, is Squid Game. No other Netflix series has shot up quite as Squid Game has. The positive acclaim spawned viral challenges and memes to spring up on TikTok and everywhere else on the Internet. I mean, white slip-on Vans even sold out because of it! It’s the first Korean series to top Netflix’s global most-viewed chart.