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That’s Amore! Malta’s Frontliners Treated to Over €300 Worth of Delicious Pizza

A few days ago, Redeemer Gatt posted on RUBS, asking if anyone would like to pitch in to raise some money for a good cause. He soon raised over €600, specifically to treat Mater Dei’s staff, doctors, and nurses to pizza over the weekend.

“If you know any doctors or nurses that are working in Mater Dei, kindly tell them to contact me. I would like to deliver €100 worth of food like pizza or burgers to them tonight. I know that a €100 between all the staff is nothing, but it’s still something. Maybe some of you would like to pitch in? Thanks and let’s all try and work together to get through this,”  the post read.

Surely enough, comments started flooding in with people asking where they can donate, and in just 24 hours, Redeemer managed to raise €600 and even got a discount from a pizza store.

One member of staff from Fairyland ward even posted on RUBS, thanking Redeemer and those who donated for the kind gesture.

Redeemer tells Bay how €340 of the money raised were used for the pizza, and around €140 were used to buy pet supplies like food and litter, to be distributed along Malta’s animal sanctuaries.

The rest of the money raised will be donated to food banks and to ‘Id-Dar tal-Providenza’

Well done to Redeemer for taking up the initiative.