Tesla Cars Can Diagnose Themselves & Pre-Order Parts If Needed!


Amongst the many mind-blowing features of Tesla cars is their ground-breaking ability to diagnose themselves and identify any problems the car is experiencing and pre-order the necessary parts for itself…


Tesla fights new 'Right to Repair' initiative over cybersecurity concerns -  Electrek



Users may have noticed a new message on their Tesla’s main screen lately, stating that an unexpected condition has been detected and that a replacement part has been pre-shipped to your preferred Tesla Service Centre.




Yep, like a silver service experience for you and your car! In a Tweet, the Tesla Company confirmed that their cars keep tabs open on certain components to let you know if and when they need replacing.


Tesla vehicles can now diagnose themselves and even pre-order parts for  service - Electrek



I mean, imagine checking your bank account and finding out your car ordered itself new tires!  



It’s like skipping the doctor and going right to the pharmacy…Although, health-wise, we do not suggest that.

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