Temperatures Expected To Rise Again Over The Coming Days


This year’s summer has undeniably seen a record heatwave, but in recent days, temperatures have cooled down and were average – if not less – for this time of year. However, this will soon change in the coming days, as temperatures are forecast to soar once again.


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At the very start of summer, the highest-ever temperatures were recorded between 20th June and 1st July, according to the International Airport Met Office.



Meteorologist Brian Micallef said that the highest temperatures were recorded during June with the mercury registering 41.5 Celsius in the last days of June. He said this was caused by high temperatures sweeping in from the Sahara Desert and moving over the centre of the Mediterranean.


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But according to the Met Office, the hottest stretch took during the last five took place throughout June two years ago. Micallef went on to explain that current temperatures were lower than the average for this time of year, sitting at 33°C.



However, temperatures are expected to rise over the coming days as more Sahara Desert heat is headed towards Malta. Micallef added that high temperatures will be experienced for shorter periods than in June.


Micallef classified a heatwave as three successive days in which temperatures of added five degrees of heat more than the norm are recorded.

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