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Teen finds Out Her Online Bully Was Her Own Mum



Due to allegations that she catfished and cyberbullied her own teenage daughter for a full year, a mother from Michigan has been charged with criminal offenses.



Kendra Gail Licari, of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, was charged earlier this week as a result of an investigation that lasted a year and was sparked by a complaint of cyberbullying to Beal City Schools. The attacks occurred off-campus and without the use of school equipment, and soon district authorities were at a loss for how to find the offender.


Licari is said to have made a full confession. Credit: Isabella County Jail


In January 2021, the district requested assistance from the police, and by April 2021, even the FBI’s cyber crime section was involved. They were able to block the IP addresses used to send the messages, the federal agency discovered they were connected to Licari.



According to Barberi, the mother is suspected of using virtual private networks (VPNs) to conceal her whereabouts and even making it appear as though the messages were coming from locations where other teenagers were present.



Licari was confronted after being located and is said to have offered a complete admission of guilt. It’s unclear why she chose to attack her daughter, though.