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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Breaks Cinema Records

Calling all the Swifties!



Taylor Swift’s concert film, “The Eras,” has taken the box office by storm, amassing an estimated $95 to $97 million during its inaugural weekend!

This accomplishment positions it among the most significant domestic openings in 2023, outperforming Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never.” Directed by Sam Wrench, the film captures Swift’s 2023-2024 world tour, delivering an immersive experience to her dedicated fan base.

Remarkably, “The Eras” also achieved approximately $32 million in international sales, securing top positions in various countries. Its impact has transcended both cultural and economic boundaries, even causing seismic activity in Seattle due to the passionate response from fans.

The film’s release was highly anticipated, as it graced screens in 3,855 theaters across the United States and Canada. AMC reported over $100 million in advance ticket sales, setting records that span the company’s century-long history. Swift, a 12-time Grammy award winner, initially announced the film’s release on Instagram at the end of August.

With a runtime of nearly three hours, the film was filmed over three nights at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. The resounding success of “The Eras” firmly establishes Taylor Swift as a dominating force in both the music and film industries.