Talented dad creates sand art on Malta’s beaches

It’s art in the most temporary form.

For as soon as the sea comes in, Raymond Schembri’s amazing beach designs are lost forever.

Ray from Kalkara is the creative genius behind dozens of brilliant sand sculptures on the beach at Rinella Bay.

He makes them ‘just for a bit of fun’ with his young son – and has become an online sensation after being featured on our award-winning Bay Easy Facebook page.

Ray said: ‘Who needs a sandcastle when you can have a sand dragon, a sand mermaid or a sand monkey?’

‘They get washed away quickly but it makes it more special that it’s a temporary thing.’

Thankfully, Ray has managed to capture most of his designs on camera, with the beautiful background of Malta’s Grand Harbour.

Here are some of Ray’s best sand sculptures to date.


1. The beach becomes a Dragon’s Den

At least this dragon made out of sand appears to have a smile on his face.


2. Shhhh… she’s sleeping!

We love talented dad Ray’s sand mermaid on the beach at Rinella Bay



3. Watch out for the sting in the scorpion’s tail!

Ray races against time and tide to create amazing art works on the beach


4. Children marvel at the sea lion made from sand

Ray creates stunning sculptures using the beach as his blank canvas


5. Who needs a deckchair?

Ray creates a sand sofa masterpiece on the beach at Rinella Bay


6. Look out for Jaws!

The talented sand sculptor builds a scary-looking shark for his son on the beach at Rinella Bay


7. Is it a Maltese Falcon?

The talented sand sculptor creates a bird of prey on the beach as the sun goes down.


8. He’s done it again!

Ray creates a realistic-looking ape monkeying around on the sand in Kalkara


9. The best one yet?

Ray creates another amazing work of art using nothing but sand.

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