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QUIZ: Take This Quiz To See How Maltese Your Christmas Really Is!

Ho ho ho! If there’s one thing we love about Christmas, it’s that, it’s the same thing every single year.

How many of these things actually make it a Maltese Christmas though? Let’s find out!

You've been forced to go to midnight mass after a family dinner on Christmas Eve
There's a statue of Jesus or a presepju (crib) at home
Finding your parents/grandparents growing vetches (gulbiena) in the strangest places of their homes
You've had to act civilised around the relatives who always ask if you're single
Your parents put up those Christmas stickers on the window and told you they can stay there till Winter ends
Your family cooks way too much food 👏 every 👏 single 👏 year. You usually end up eating the leftovers for a week.
You had to partake in a live presepju or the sermon of child (Il-Priedka tat-Tifel)
Take This Quiz To Find Out How Maltese Your Christmas Really Is!
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