Malta’s hottest piercings

For the last few years, we’ve seen piercings and piercing trends make a meteoric rise. We’ve seen the rise and fall of it all; from dangly belly button chains, to a burst of septum piercings and gauged ears.

Nowadays, piercing trends have been leaning more towards minimalism – and if you’ve scrolled through social media enough, you can clearly tell that ear piercings are having a moment.

Needless to say that even the Maltese are in on the trend, so here are some of the best local piercings we’ve seen in 2019.

Layering delicate jewellery along your cartilage sure is an easy way to up your ear game – and you can choose to opt for dainty rings, as oppose to extravagant studs, like this awesome gal. Check out this simple, yet sophisticated double helix pierced by @staygoldink.

Both of these ears are ever-so-subtly dripping in gold and we are totally here for it! We’ve got yet another double helix, as well as a rook, a low helix and a couple of lobe piercings; all of which were done by

Most facial piercings aren’t for the faint of heart, especially if you have a low pain tolerance, but the payoff surely is worth it, as seen in this cool combo. pierced this awesome vertical labret, which was also paired with a smiley.

This is another take on the labret piercing, but it’s insanely minimal, placed perfectly by @cainetattoosmalta.

If you’ve ever thought that only young people can rock piercings, guess again. Take a look at this cool dude with a double lobe piercing and an industrial barbell, also done by

Some people may stick with delicate ear piercings to inch onto the trend without full-on committing, but some just aren’t afraid to go all out.

Check out this brave chick pulling off a septum, double helix, nose and several upper lobes piercings – no wonder why she has that beautiful smile on her face! This was also pierced by

Have you ever seen a tongue piercing done like this before? This insane double tongue piercing was done by @staygoldink.

Got any other piercings you’d like to share?