10 of the greatest Xlendi sunsets you’ll ever see

Who doesn’t love to sit and watch the sun go down? The best thing about sunsets is that you’re never going to see two that are completely alike, even if you sit at exactly the same spot every day. One of the best places to watch Mother Nature put on her nightly display is at […]

Heavy rain turns the sea muddy brown at Xlendi Bay

This is the moment the sea changed colour following heavy rain in Gozo. Xlendi Bay, which is normally crystal clear, was transformed within minutes as a large amount of soil and mud from nearby fields drained into the sea, turning the water brown. Incredible images of the dramatic change were shared on social media by […]

TripAdvisor falls head over heels in love with Xlendi

The world is slowly falling in love with Xlendi – if the latest reviews on TripAdvisor are anything to go by. Tourists from around the globe have gone online to shower praise on the tiny Gozo seaside village. As we revealed last week, Xlendi Bay is THE best place to watch the sun go down […]

‘Come Dine With Me’ is looking for couples in Malta

Do you and your other half bond over a dinner cooked to perfection? You could be the perfect fit for the new series of Come Dine With Me. The producers are on the hunt for couples in Malta to star on the hit Channel 4 show, where they will cook up a storm in the […]