Pope says ‘don’t bury hope’ as Malta marks Easter

The Pope has urged Christians not to ‘bury hope’ as Malta celebrates Easter Sunday. He carried a lit candle up the main aisle of St Peter’s Basilica during the poignant Easter service at the Vatican. At the chant in Latin for ‘light of Christ’, the basilica’s lights were suddenly switched on and Pope Francis then […]

Watch 10,000 maggots eat a whole pizza in two hours

A pizza can be completely demolished by maggots in less than two hours. Researchers tracked individual larvae as they feasted and discovered the hoard resembles a ‘fountain’ as they eat for five minutes before taking a rest and letting others take over. The larvae of the black solider flies allow others to replace them once […]

Apple could slash iPhone prices to boost sales

Your next iPhone could cost you much less. Apple has signalled it is ready to slash prices in a bid to boost falling sales. The company’s latest set of financial results confirmed that iPhone revenues – which make up the bulk of its business – were 15% lower than a year ago. The iPhone maker […]

Woman jailed in Egypt for carrying painkillers is freed

A British woman jailed in Egypt after painkillers were discovered in her luggage has been released from prison. Laura Plummer, 34, from Hull, was sentenced to three years behind bars in 2017 for taking 290 Tramadol tablets into the country. The shop worker has been pardoned and freed from jail, according to The Sun. Ms Plummer […]

You’ll soon be able to visit the Titanic shipwreck

Tourists will soon be able to visit the Titanic shipwreck. It became one of the most famous cruise liners in history after disaster struck in the early hours of April 15, 1912, when it hit an iceberg. More than half of its 2,224 passengers and crew members lost their lives when the ‘unsinkable’ ship sank […]

Malta ranked one of the world’s happiest nations

Malta has been revealed as one of the happiest places in the world. Malta came 22nd in the latest World Happiness Report, ahead of France, Spain, Italy and Brazil. The list ranks 156 countries based on factors including life expectancy, social support, corruption levels and health. Finland was number one after overtaking Norway which was champion […]

Malta ‘appalled’ at ‘heinous’ Spanish terror attacks

Malta’s Prime Minister has said his thoughts are with the victims of the ‘terrible attack’ that left at least 13 people dead in Barcelona. Joseph Muscat said ‘Malta stands with Spain against terror’ after a van ploughed into crowds in the busy street of Las Ramblas. He joined other world leaders who reacted to the […]

Missing Second World War plane found off Sliema coast

The seas around Malta never fail to surprise. Archaeologists from the University of Malta and California Polytechnic State University have made an important discovery in the sea off coast of Sliema. A photo taken by sonar clearly shows the remains of an airplane which experts have identified as a Royal Navy Fairey Swordfish, which crashed […]