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Cold & Stormy Weather To Hit Malta All Week

malta cold weather

Grab your coats and blankets 🥶 Rain, high gusts, and possibly thunderstorms are expected to hit Malta this week, according to the current weather report. It appears that Thursday will be unusually cold, with Force 6 winds causing the warmest temperature to feel as low as 7°C. The weekend doesn’t look much different, either, with […]

Temperature To Feel As Low As -1°C This Weekend

temperature to feel like -1

The weather this weekend is set to fall to -1°C 🥶     Finally, winter weather is about to hit Malta properly, and temperatures are set to fall significantly from Thursday onwards. Possibility of rain showers, thunder with also the possibility of hail 🥶   Who’s excited about the winter weather? 👇

7 Activities To Do On The Beach This Winter

Activities Beach Winter

  Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go to the beach.     Check out 7 activities to do on the beach in Malta during this winter… if the weather permits of course:                

8 Coastal Hikes To Do In Malta This Winter

malta hikes

  If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t let the cold stop you, this article is for you!   Please note to always check the forecast prior to hiking, especially doing coastal hikes. Do not swim under any circumstances if you are unfamiliar with the local currents; some beaches can have powerful undercurrents.       […]

Europe Records Warmest Winter Temperatures

Many European countries have seen their warmest January temperatures…ever!     In eight countries, national records have dropped, and regional records in three more.     On Sunday, Warsaw, Poland, recorded 18.9°C, while Bilbao, Spain, reached 25.1°C, which is more than 10°C above usual.     The pleasant European weather comes days after a catastrophic […]

Different Parts Of The World During Winter

Winter World Countries

  Winter officially starts today!     Check out different parts of the world during the winter season:                 Which country would you travel to?  

9 Christmas Markets To Check Out This Winter

Christmas Markets Winter

  What’s Christmas without exploring a traditional Christmas market?     Here are our 9 most favourite Christmas markets to check out this festive season:                     Which Christmas market will you be visiting?  

Jenise Spiteri Places 21st At The Winter Olympics

  Well done to the amazing Jenise Spiteri!     Jenise Spiteri, a Maltese snowboarder, made her Olympic debut at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, competing in the women’s halfpipe qualifiers at the Yunding Snow Park in Zhangjiakou City.   Practising such a sport is not easy for obvious reasons. Malta, unfortunately, does not […]

12 Winter Wonderlands Around the World That Are Worth The Visit

  Winter may remind you of grey skies, runny noses, and rainy whirlwinds, but it could also look like godly mountains covered with snow, pristine frozen lakes, and cozy English cottages! So, if you’re looking to escape to a winter wonderland, we’ve got you covered with 12 magnificent destinations!   Lapland, Finland     Lapland […]

Italy wins bid to host 2026 Winter Olympics

Italy will host the 2026 Winter Olympics in 2026. The International Olympic Committee voted by 47 votes to 34, in favour of Italy’s bid to stage the games rather than Stockholm in Sweden. Ice hockey and skating will be held in Milan and most of the skiing events will take place in the resort of […]

Weather warnings issued as UK braces for more snow

Britain faces a week of travel chaos after a blanket of snow swept across parts of the country on Monday night. Sub-zero temperatures and gale-force winds could combine with the white stuff – especially in the South East of England – to spell disruption on the roads and power cuts as bone-chilling air from the […]

Study shows CHOCOLATE is the best cure for coughs

It might sound too good to be true but a new study has revealed that chocolate can be better at soothing coughs than traditional throat syrup. Professor Alyn Morice, Head of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Studies at the University of Hull, claimed that having a bar of milk chocolate was ‘more effective’ than shop-bought medicine. Revealing […]

Malta set to be hit by cold snap starting TONIGHT

Malta is set to be hit by a cold snap with temperatures plunging to as low as 5°C this week. Forecasters warned of strong winds, showers and even a possible hailstorm during the first week of 2019. The Met Office in Luqa issued a yellow weather alert for Wednesday night, warning of ‘very strong winds over exposed areas […]

Malta to be COLDER than much of Britain this week

You’re going to need your thick winter coat in Malta this week. Malta will be colder than parts of Britain by Wednesday, forecasters have warned. Temperatures in the Maltese Islands will struggle to reach 13°C, with the Met Office in Luqa predicting grey skies, showers and strong winds over the next seven days. Weather experts […]

These aerial shots of Malta’s coast are jaw-droppingly good

We’ve seen incredible shots of Malta this year on our award-winning Bay Easy Facebook page. But none of them – absolutely none – stack up to this set. Talented photographer Francis Fenech used a drone to capture the view above three of Malta’s most popular beaches during the winter months. Golden Bay, Riviera Bay and […]