Dramatic pictures of Monday’s thunderstorm across Malta

A weather warning has been issued in Malta as thunder and lightning batters the Maltese Islands. The alert from the Met Office in Luqa warns of heavy rain and strong winds across Malta and Gozo. The warning, issued on Monday morning, added: ‘Isolated thundery and gusty showers will affect the Maltese Islands.’ Social media users […]

Malta set for a month’s worth of rain in just four days

Malta could be hit by floods as massive downpours bring a month’s worth of rain in just four days in some areas. Heavy rain is set to disrupt roads across the Maltese Islands this week, according to weather experts. The Met Office in Luqa issued a weather warning, with forecasters predicting strong winds and thundery […]

Malta braces for thunder, rain and even a risk of hail

Malta and Gozo are set to be hit by two major thunderstorms over the next 36 hours. The Met Office in Luqa predicted rain for the Maltese Islands through the course of Tuesday and Wednesday. Heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely for ‘much of the day’ with strong gusts of wind and even a risk […]

Thundersnow warning as temperatures plunge across UK

Thundersnow could strike much of Britain this week as temperatures plummet below zero and forecasters issue ice warnings for large swathes of the country. Weather alerts for snow and ice have been issued by the Met Office for most of UK, with freezing conditions likely to cause disruption for road and rail users on Tuesday morning. Forecasters […]

It’s official: Malta suffers its stormiest month ever

October will go down in history in Malta. Last month was officially the stormiest month ever with 16 days of thunder and lightning across the Maltese Islands. The Met Office in Luqa said the record was previously shared by two months – October 1962 and November 1986, both of which had 12 thundery days. Most of […]

Dramatic lightning storm lights up Malta’s night sky

A powerful thunder and lightening storm hit Malta last night – and while it left some homes without power it also provided some stunning visual images that were captured around the island. Dramatic pictures flooded social media, showing lighting bolts across the skyline in both Malta and Gozo. Photographer Sam Scicluna captured a series of […]

Electrifying photos show lightning strikes off Malta

This is the electrifying moment lightning filled the sky off Malta as forecasters warn of more thunderstorms ahead. Photographer Adel Ferrito, 39, from Tarxien grabbed his camera when he heard the loud thunder and lightning early on Friday morning. He rushed outside to capture the spectacular lightning off the Maltese coast. Adel told 89.7 Bay that […]

Forecasters warn summer in Malta will go out with a bang

It’s been a scorching hot summer in Malta and Gozo but the weather is expected to take a turn for the worse this week. Thunderstorms will sweep across the Maltese Islands with heavy rain and clouds likely on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with a risk of isolated showers on Saturday. The downpours and lightning may […]

Malta put on thunder alert for the next three days

Thundery showers are set to disrupt the summer heatwave in Malta and Gozo, forecasters have warned. The Maltese Islands will see a change in the weather on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday following weeks of glorious summer sunshine. And Malta could expect ‘some isolated thundery and gusty showers’ over the next three days, the Met Office […]

Malta’s latest sizzling heatwave ends with a bang

Malta’s third heatwave of the summer has come to a close with a bang. The heat and humidity following the hottest day of the year on Monday ended with a dramatic storm across the north of Malta early on Tuesday morning. Thousands were woken up in the middle of the night to experience thunder and […]