Celebrities Then & Now

  It’s no question that today’s celebs have had a jaw-dropping glow up throughout the years. Here’s a list of 10 celebrities when they were younger and how they look in 2022:   1. Selena Gomez     2. Dua Lipa         3. Billie Eillish     4. Justin Bieber   5. […]

10 amazing images show Malta then and now

Malta loves to reinvent itself. Once an important military base and reliant on heavy industry, the island has transformed itself over the last three decades and now has a vibrant restaurant, shopping, leisure and entertainment scene. These amazing images illustrate how Malta has changed over the years. History enthusiast Joe Scicluna from Qormi has compared an […]

These Malta then-and-now pictures will shock you

If you saw your street as it was around 80 years ago, would you recognise it? Maltese history fan Joe Scicluna from Qormi has taken Bay Retro images of some of Malta’s best-known landmarks as they were in the 1900s and then compared to how they look now. The results are amazing. Some locations including Floriana, Luqa, […]