You Can Now Get Paid $100K To Taste Candy

Candy sweets

  We know you’ve probably considered this before!     Candy Funhouse is looking for someone to become the world’s first ‘Chief Candy Officer’ – a job where you’re required to do nothing but eat candy.   They’re offering future employees a salary of $100,000. If you thought this job offer couldn’t get any better, […]

Our Favourite Waffle Places To Visit In Malta

  Craving something sweet? It’s Waffle Day today! So it’s the perfect excuse to give in and enjoy a warm fluffy waffle to make your day twice as good and ten times as sweet 😋     Thirsty Cow   Thirsty Cow makes an authentic Belgian waffle, made from brioche dough, while regular old waffles […]

Are M&M’s first ever chocolate bars coming to Malta?

M&Ms fans are getting excited after it was revealed that new M&Ms chocolate bars will finally be coming to Malta. Four different bars have been created – including peanut, crispy, hazelnut and chocolate variations. Having originally launched the sweets in the USA and Australia, they’ve been hailed as a delicious success. The bars will be […]