Malta to witness largest Supermoon of 2019 tonight

Stargazers in Malta and Gozo are set to be treated to the largest supermoon of the year tonight. Those lucky enough be under clear skies can glimpse what is promising to be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year so far,. Tonight’s moon is the second of three supermoons to be visible in […]

Wolf Blood Super Moon will be visible from Malta

Stargazers across Malta and Gozo will be in for a treat as a rare form of lunar eclipse will be visible in our skies – a ‘Wolf Blood Super Moon’. This will be the first Total Lunar Eclipse entirely visible from the Maltese Islands since 2015 – with the next not taking place until 2029. […]

When to see the supermoon over Malta this weekend

If you look up at the moon this weekend it might look bigger and brighter than usual. That’s because it’s a supermoon!   Unlike the sun, it’s safe to look directly at the moon and you can use a telescope or binoculars. If you miss the supermoon because of cloudy weather over Malta, you can […]