10 Pet Friendly Beaches To Visit In Malta

  Most people travelling to Malta this summer will want to visit some of the stunning beaches found along its coast. However, pet owners wishing to bring along their furry companions may be faced with signs reading “NO DOGS ALLOWED” on arrival.   From tourists who couldn’t leave their pets at home to locals wishing […]

Top 4 Nude Beaches In Malta

  Feeling adventurous? Looking to tick something exciting off your bucket list? Or maybe you want to get that perfect full-body tan? Then maybe a trip to a nude beach is exactly what you need.   Rumour has it there are some nude beaches in Malta. Our expert research team have taken the time to […]

Malta breaks records on the hottest June since 1923

Last month was the hottest June recorded in Malta since 1923, according to weather experts. Sizzling temperatures soared to 37.8°C during the first heatwave of summer, making June 9 the hottest day of the month. The Met Office in Luqa said last month was also among the driest on record, with no rain measured. Malta […]

Summer arrives in Malta with a scorching heatwave

Malta is set to swelter in temperatures as warm as 39°C this weekend as the second heatwave of 2019 arrives. The Met Office issued a weather warning, urging people to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, to drink plenty of water, and to wear light clothing. Thousands of holidaymakers will be among […]

Malta on health alert as heatwave temperatures soar

Health chiefs have issued an urgent health warning as the first heatwave of 2019 hits Malta and Gozo. The alert was issued across as forecasters warned of sweltering conditions for the rest of the week. With temperatures expected to soar to 38°C, people are being urged to take extra precautions when it comes to preventing […]

10 of the most stunning views from this weekend in Malta

Well, what a great weekend! Malta enjoyed the hottest weekend of the year so far with thousands heading to the beaches to make the most of the hot spell. The Met Office in Luqa confirmed that temperatures felt as warm as 32°C at one point on Saturday – that’s around 5°C higher than usual for […]