WATCH: Elderly Woman Praised After Catching Shoplifter

  An elderly woman is being praised for intervening to stop a shoplifter in a Canadian supermarket!   Grandma tries to stop a shoplifter — The Daily Sneed™ 💭 (@Tr00peRR) January 31, 2022   The video shows a man in a balaclava attempting to leave the store with a shopping cart full of things, […]

WATCH: Serial Shoplifter Walks Out Of Target With 70-Inch TV

  Last month, a ‘serial shoplifter’ was apprehended after walking out of a supermarket with a 70-inch television.     John Ray Lomack, 55, was captured on camera at a Target shop in Seattle loading the television into his cart and leaving without paying.   Lomack, who is thought to be homeless, is shown brazenly […]