Sardinia Offering €15,000 For People To Move There

Who’s up for moving to Sardinia?   Our neighbour Sardinia, the Mediterranean’s second-largest island is offering to pay people €15,000 for them to move to their island home.     This is due to the country’s decreasing population numbers.     One is eligible for this grant if they move to a town with less […]

Sardinia Is Offering £12K For People To Move There

moving to sardinia

Fancy starting over in Sardinia? ✈   The island of Sardinia’s government is providing grants of up to €15,000 (£12,700) to anyone who want to relocate there and start new lives there 😯   The government has set up a staggering £38 million for the project, which it thinks would revitalize its rural communities’ aging […]

Couple face jail for taking sand from Sardinia beach

We’ve all been tempted to bring a little bit of paradise home from our holidays. But the urge has backfired on a French couple, who are facing up to six years in prison for removing sand from a beach in Sardinia. They allegedly ‘stole’ around 40kg of sand from Chia beach on the Mediterranean island. […]