Man Cancels Wedding After His Dog Gets Sick

This man cancelled his wedding plans over his fiancée leaving his dog unwatched and getting him sick. What would you do?                                      

Woman Pays £18,000 To Clone Her Cat

  A woman paid £18,000 to clone her pet cat after she died at the age of five!   32-year-old Kelly Anderson from Austin, Texas decided  that she wanted to clone her cat after she died from post-op complications. She wanted to clone her cat called Chai back in 2017 with a vet-tech company which […]

Meet The World’s First Surfing Corgi

  Making the rounds online, Corgi Jojo has become an inspirational internet sensation for his story!   Ending up wounded after a serious attack from another dog, Jojo’s owner Josephine introduced his to surfing to help his heal, and it seems to have worked! Who what have thought, eh?     Although, now that Jojo […]