Memorial Statue For Murder Victim Paulina Dembska Proposed

  Under a new initiative, proposed by Real Animal Rights (RAR), a memorial statue for Paulina Dembska may be set in the Independence Gardens.   The initiative will also make sure that the Sliema cats are taken care of as they will be provided better living conditions – with food, medicine and improving the overall […]

Who Was Paulina Dembska?

  Paulina Dembska was a 29-year-old woman from Poland. She came to Malta to study and learn English in a language school.   Paulina loved cats. She was a cat feeder at Independence Garden in Sliema and spent most of her days taking care of them and looking after them.   Paulina Dembska was gruesomely […]

Police Halt Interrogation After Murder Suspect Was Sent To Mount Carmel

  Police interrogations with the suspect of last Sunday’s murder were suspended after he had to be sent to Mount Carmel mental hospital.   The prime suspect for the murder Abner Aquilina was initially taken to Mater Dei Hospital but later had to be referred to Mount Carmel. This meant that police interrogations on the […]