Passengers Not Obliged To Wear Masks On Flights

  In a joint statement by the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, an announcement has been made that passengers onboard flights will not be obliged to wear a mask as of the 16th of May.     Though at the same time, they still encourage vulnerable passengers to wear a mask to prevent […]

UM Students Still Required To Wear Masks

  Masks guidelines have been published but tertiary students still have no confirmation.   The new document for the Guidelines of the Education sector states that; “It will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask in schools.” Furthermore, “individuals are free to make their own assessment of risk for themselves and for their children.” […]

Father Puts Up 1-Man Protest Against Masks In Schools

  Daniele Baraggioli put up a 1-man protest to rally against mask measures in schools 😷   Baraggioli said he is fed up with the “double standards” of seeing crowds without masks. Children, on the other hand, have to wear their masks to schools all day.     He first protested by sending his children […]

Masks “Very Likely” To Be Removed From Schools After Easter

  Health Minister Chris Fearne said that masks are “very likely” not to be mandatory in schools when students go back to classes after the Easter holidays. 😷   Fearne stated this during an inauguration ceremony of a memorial garden for COVID-19 victims in the past 2 years of the pandemic.     He based his […]