20 amazing colour photos of Malta in the 1960s

These amazing throwback pictures highlight how Malta has changed beyond recognition over the past 50 years. The incredible photographs take us back to the Swinging Sixties, when Malta gained Independence, Beatlemania was all the rage, and the new City Gate replaced King’s Gate in Valletta. There was also a huge military presence on the island with the […]

These Bay Retro then-and-now images will amaze you

If you saw your street as it was 100 years ago, would you recognise it? History enthusiast Joe Scicluna from Qormi has combined Bay Retro photographs of some of Malta’s best-known locations as they were in the 1900s – and then compared them to how they look now. The results of his project are amazing. Some […]

13 Malta then and now images to make you weep

If you saw a photo of your street from 60 years ago, would you recognise it? There are areas of Malta which have changed beyond all recognition in recent years. This brand new collection of then-and-now images will either amaze you or leave you wanting to cry. They were compiled by history enthusiast Joe Scicluna […]