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STUDY FINDS: Kids Who Love Dinosaurs Have Higher Intelligence

ross dinosaurs

  A recent study from the University of Indiana has found that children who are obsessed with dinosaurs tend to be more intelligent than their peers. The research, which was conducted over a period of several years, analyzed the behavior and learning patterns of hundreds of young children. The results showed that those who were […]

Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Abused Her And Their Kids

Angelina Brad

  Angelina Jolie has accused Brad Pitt of being abusive towards her and their children.     This was after an alleged argument during a plane ride back in 2016, that Jolie described turned violent and led to the fall of their marriage.     Jolie’s legal team have accused Pitt of launching this physical […]

Eden Cinemas Is Showing Family Movies All Week For Easter Break!

  The best family movies are coming to @eden_cinemas this Easter Break!     The Kids Week is happening from 18th to 22nd of April with screenings starting as early as 10am 🌞   There will be 3 movies that are already showing 👇   ✅ Sonic 2 ✅ Fantastic Beasts 3 ✅ The Bad […]

Mom On TikTok Allows And Defends Her Kids’ Swearing

    A mom has gone viral on TikTok for allowing her kids to swear inside the house.         As @psyko_therapy (a.k.a. TikTokmom) explains in her video, her kids are allowed to swear under strict rules: Only when they are home alone with their parents Never to disrespect anyone Not to call […]

Mum Threatened With Social Services Because Of Her Huge Eyebrows

  A mother-of-two says people have threatened to contact social services because of the size of her brows.     Sammie-Jo Hailford, 27, has been using liquid liner to create massive brows for almost a year.     She has since been trolled online and laughed at in the street – but she insists ‘bigger […]

Children Walk Through Sewage Outflow To Get To School

  Children had to walk through faeces to get into their St Paul’s Bay primary school on Thursday morning as sewage flowed along the road past it into the sea…     Though the local council said the responsible authorities had been contacted right away, a frustrated parent described how his two daughters had to […]

Here’s How You Can Register For The GridKids

  The Grid is back and better than ever – but this time, they’re even catering for kids!     So, if you have kids that love to run around and get messy, then they’ll love the GridKids’ obstacle course… A day packed with fun and excitement, where children are given the chance to challenge […]

Malta ranked among the world’s best places to be a child

Malta has been ranked among the best places in the world to be a child. Malta came 19th out of 172 countries – ahead of the United States, Singapore, Russia and Qatar, according to a new study. The End of Childhood Report ranked nations from best to worst in an effort to explore the main […]