Kanye Said Kim’s Career Is Over Since Not Styling Her

  During a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian recalled something shocking Kanye said to her.   She said she suffered a fashion crisis after her ex-husband Kanye West compared her to Marge Simpson over one of her outfit choices. Kim opened up about her wardrobe anxiety with her sister Kourtney and said it […]

Kanye Offers To Quit Music To Be Kim’s Full-Time Stylist

  Kanye West has offered to be Kim Kardashian’s full-time stylist.    The reality TV star Kim Kardashian has revealed that her ex-husband Kanye West would have gladly become her full-time stylist instead of doing music. She revealed this in an upcoming episode of the Kardashians’ new show called The Kardashians saying that he would’ve […]