We’re looking for a New Sales Executive To Join The team

  Are you good with people? Do you see yourself as a good negotiator and a driven individual?   If that’s a yes, then we want you to join our Sales team at 89.7 Bay!   We’re looking for a fresh face to join the 89.7 Bay Sales team as our newest Sales Executive. If […]

Professional Partier Gets Paid To Drink Every Night

  Imagine never having to experience a hangover… A professional drinker who is paid to down pints every night claims to never experience a hangover in addition to having the ultimate job.     A bar manager named Danielle Walsh, 34, after she displayed her incredible ability to down drinks in a matter of seconds […]

You Can Now Get Paid $100K To Taste Candy

Candy sweets

  We know you’ve probably considered this before!     Candy Funhouse is looking for someone to become the world’s first ‘Chief Candy Officer’ – a job where you’re required to do nothing but eat candy.   They’re offering future employees a salary of $100,000. If you thought this job offer couldn’t get any better, […]

You Can ‘Netflix & Chill’ For €60K This Valentine’s

  Are you and your Valentine going to ‘Netflix and chill’ this year? You might as well make some money while you’re doing it — €60,000, to be precise.     Since the release of Stranger Things in 2016, streaming platforms have made binge-watching more acceptable than ever before: laying in front of the TV […]

Get Paid €180,000 A Year As A Dog Food Tester

  Stuck in a dead end job and want to spice up your CV with a unique career? Look no further! TikToker Matt Welland shared a list of weird jobs that pay extraordinarily well. There is a catch, though…     Job #1: Dog food tester – €180,000/yr The contents in the image below are going […]

This Job Will Pay You To Eat Cheese & Drink Wine

  Have our prayers been answered?     Honestly, the best way to stuff your face while still feeling elegant is through feasting on wine and charcuterie boards. It’s the perfect balance of indulgence and class… AND it gets even better because Cartwright and Butler are willing to pay you for it!     View […]