Lady Gaga To Play Harley Quinn In Joker 2

In the Joker: Folie à Deux prequel, Lady Gaga has stated that she would play Harley Quinn opposite Joaquin Phoenix.       In addition to revealing that the movie will be released on October 10, 2024, the teaser also appears to suggest that this particular Joker will be a musical.      View this […]

Joker 2 Confirmed Starring Joaquin Phoenix

  Director of “Joker”, Todd Philips took to Instagram to confirm that Joker is making a return with a second film starring Joaquin Phoenix. He has recently taken to Instagram to confirm that there will be a sequel to the 2019 sequel, “Joker”.       In the Instagram post, Phillips post a photo of […]

Ridley Scott Directing New Film In Malta Starring Joaquin Phoenix

  Gladiator and House of Gucci director, Sir Ridley Scott will be directing a new film in Malta in early 2022. The film, Kitbag, is a biopic about Napoleon and will also be filmed in France and the UK. The Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix will also be starring in it alongside Vanessa Kirby.   Phoenix and […]