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You Can Sleep 50 Metres Above Ground In ‘Up’ Airbnb

This is a once in a lifetime experience for Pixar fans🎈 A recreation of Carl’s home from ‘Up’ can be found in New Mexico thanks to Airbnb! Visitors can spend the night floating 50 metres above ground with 8,000 balloons (and a crane) holding up the perfectly recreated home🤩

Wife Says Women Must Stay Home To Care For Husband

A self-proclaimed ‘traditional wife,’ who once aspired to a thriving medical career, has ignited a debate with her perspectives on matrimony.   Linda Andrade has garnered attention and stirred discussions among her followers by revealing that she has ‘never been responsible for a single bill’ as her husband Ricky solely manages their finances.   Characterizing […]

7 Friends Buy Their Dream Home To Retire Together

Friends Dream Home Retire

  This group of 7 best friends decided to build their dream retirement home and spend the rest of their lives together.   They paid $580,000 to turn an old 700-square-meter house in the green hills of Guangzhou into the house of their dreams.     The 3-story house features a spacious room for gatherings, […]