Two flamingos released back into the wild in Malta

Two flamingos have been released back into the wild by BirdLife Malta. They were released earlier this week at the Ghadira Nature Reserve near Mellieha after being rescued and cared for last month. BirdLife Malta said that both juvenile flamingos were part of a large flock which was seen flying over the Maltese Islands on […]

Outrage as flamingos are shot off Maltese coast

A flock of Greater Flamingos that have been circling around the coast of Malta has been slowly depleted during yesterday. While some juveniles were exhausted and landed close to the people, others were shot at, with one witnessed being brought down in the area known as Munxar, limits of Marsaskala. Another badly injured one was […]

Flamingo makes a surprise landing on Maltese beach

malta flamingo

Swimmers at Malta’s most popular beach have been treated to a surprise visit from a pretty flamingo. It landed in the middle of Mellieha Bay on Tuesday morning and soon attracted a crowd who gathered around the bird. Volunteers from the Ghadira Nature Reserve quickly arrived on the scene and rescued the adorable flamingo. BirdLife […]