Adele Almost Died After Being Struck By Lightning

Adele Died Lightning

  Adele recently revealed that she almost died after being struck by a lightning strike.     This close brush happened when Adele was younger.   While on stage, Adele has been opening up on a few moments from her life, with one of them being this shocking story.     She said that when […]

In 2022, 1 Person Died Every 2 Weeks In Traffic Accidents

2022 Traffic Accidents

  Recent figures have revealed that this year, 1 person has passed away every 2 weeks following traffic accidents in Malta.     From the beginning of the year till September, 19 people sadly passed away whilst 235 others were injured in these traffic accidents.     Although the number of deaths have increased from […]

Zac Efron Nearly Died After Smashing His Jaw

Zac Efron Died Jaw

Zac Efron “almost died” after hitting his jaw against a granite fountain.   Back in 2013, while running with socks on, Efron stumbled and fell, seriously hurting himself. In a recent interview, the Baywatch star addressed the event and put the rumors of plastic surgery to rest.   It’s safe to assume that the internet […]

BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II Dies Aged 96

Queen Elizabeth has been confirmed to have passed away at Balmoral at the age of 96, on september 8th, 2022.   The Queen is believed to have died after concerns grew about her health.     She was first taken for medical observation at Balmoral earlier in the day. The Royal family made their way […]

Man’s body found after house explodes in England

A man has died after a house collapsed following an explosion in Hampshire. His body was found after the blast at around 2.30am on Thursday in Andover. Witnesses described hearing a ‘huge clap of thunder’ as they said one building was destroyed and another suffered severe damage during the incident. Neighbouring properties were evacuated. Gas […]