Masks “Very Likely” To Be Removed From Schools After Easter

  Health Minister Chris Fearne said that masks are “very likely” not to be mandatory in schools when students go back to classes after the Easter holidays. 😷   Fearne stated this during an inauguration ceremony of a memorial garden for COVID-19 victims in the past 2 years of the pandemic.     He based his […]

Pfizer CEO States That The Fourth Booster Jab Is Vital

    Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, stated that the protection that people are getting from the third jab is good enough to prevent deaths, and drastically reduce hospitalisations.         However, the previous vaccinations do not offer long-lasting protection. This is why Pfizer is developing the fourth vaccine dose, which is targeted at […]

Workers And Students To Receive €100 Cheque By The Government

  Prime Minister Robert Abela announced at a press conference that the government will pay all workers and students an average of €100, and pensioners and those on social support will receive €200 in a financial injection for the economy.   The government will spend €70 million on the project. A total of 380,000 people […]