Malta’s summer heatwave from hell is over – for now!

Keep calm and carry on. That’s the advice from weather forecasters as Malta’s second heatwave of 2017 finally comes to an end. The island has suffered sizzling temperatures for more than a week, with the mercury peaking at 38.7°C on Thursday, making it the hottest day of the year so far. The Met Office in […]

WATCH: Comino as you’ve never seen it before!

This is Comino as you’ve never seen it before. This stunning new video shows the world-famous Blue Lagoon from a bird’s eye view. It’s the incredible work of aerial videographer Anthony Axiak. If this stunning footage doesn’t make you want to visit Comino this summer, then nothing will! Read next: Comino gets free Wi-Fi

10 awesome things you can enjoy in Malta this summer

Summer has arrived in Malta and that means lots of sunshine and hours to fill, so you’ll need plenty of ideas to keep you busy. We’ve put together a few suggestions for fun things to do in Malta, as well as some great events to attend across July, August and September. From Malta’s brilliant beaches to fun events, boredom […]

These drone shots of Comino will make your jaw drop

We’ve seen incredible shots of Comino’s world famous Blue Lagoon in the past. But none of them – absolutely none – stack up to this set. Crystal clear water, white sand, mysterious caves and honey coloured cliffs. These magnificent photos offer a glimpse into what it would be like to soar over Comino like a […]