Menthol cigarettes will be banned from sale in Malta

Menthol cigarettes will be banned in Malta this year when strict new laws come into force. The ban, which will begin in May, will cover the sale of menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco. Maltese public health officials hope the move will deter young people from smoking and reduce numbers taking up the habit. Doctors claim […]

22,000 contraband cigarettes seized in Fgura

The Customs Department has seized nearly 22,000 packets of contraband cigarettes from a garage in Fgura. The find followed several hours of observation by undercover officers. The haul was seized in the early hours of Thursday morning. The brands seized are not legally sold in Malta and were hidden in a garage which is used […]

Contraband cigarettes and alcohol seized across Malta

Contraband booze and smuggled cigarettes have been seized from several shops across Malta in a major customs crackdown. Customs officers discovered 3,749 cigarettes and 21.6 kg of tobacco during a series of spot checks at corner stores and mini-markets. They also seized 3,727 bottles of non-alcoholic drinks, 217 bottles of wine, and 53 bottles of […]

Smoking ‘STOPS your body from fighting cancer’

Cigarettes could limit the body’s ability to fight skin cancer, according to worrying new research. Patients with melanoma who have a history of smoking are 40% less likely to survive the disease than those who have never smoked, a study published in journal Cancer Research found. Researchers from the University of Leeds said the findings […]

This is what happens to your body if you stop smoking

Is 2019 the year you finally plan to quit smoking? If it is, it’s going to be difficult. The health benefits from giving up smoking will be amazing. In Malta, the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate runs a series of free stop smoking programmes to help you quit. To get expert help, call the Malta […]