Ukrainian Soldier Awarded Medal For Telling Russian Warship To ‘Go F**K Yourself’

  Ukrainian Soldier Roman Hrybov took a stand against Russian soldiers who approached Snake Island demanding the border guards surrender.     The Russian Soldiers threatened Hrybov and his team by saying: “This is a military warship. This is a Russian military warship.” “I suggest you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed […]

Sean Meli Awarded Medal After Bravely Rescuing A Boy From Drowning

Photo credits: TVM   Sean Meli was awarded the Medal of Service to the Republic after courageously rescuing a 14-year old boy’s life.   The 33-year-old from Sliema showed his bravery after jumping in the sea without hesitation to rescue the teenager from China. The incident happened on November 10th in Qui-si-Sana while he was […]

Prime Minister Robert Abela Acknowledges Sean Meli’s Heroic Rescue

  Prime Minister Robert Abela has acknowledged Sean Meli’s efforts in saving a woman and a boy from drowning in Sliema yesterday.     The incident took place on Wednesday at around 7:15pm near Sliema Chalet, as the local police force revealed. Though members of the Civil Protection Unit and District Police arrived on the […]