Booster Shots May Soon Be Listed In Vaccine Certificates

  Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci has announced that the booster shot will now be included with the vaccine certificate.     At the time of writing, research indicates that the latest Omicron variant has spread at a faster rate than the Indian variant and two weeks are necessary to determine if the vaccine […]

Vaccine Certificates No Longer Have An Expiry Date

  The COVID-19 vaccine certificate no longer has an expiry date, despite a legal notice stating that it would only be valid for six months.     The news was confirmed by public health chief Charmaine Gauci on Wednesday.     ‘Don’t worry if you are not yet eligible for the booster or if you […]

Health Workers & Teachers Will Receive Their Booster Shots In November

  Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne have revealed that covid booster shots will be given to health sector workers and teachers from the middle of next month.     In the meantime, those aged between 60 and 70 will receive their vaccine booster from the middle of December.     As of […]