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Bank of Valletta denies plans to axe 300 jobs

Workers at Malta’s oldest bank have spoken of their ‘huge relief’ after bosses confirmed there are no plans to axe 300 jobs. Bank Of Valletta strongly denied press reports that it intends to slash its workforce before Christmas. The bank said it had ‘no intention of shedding staff’ but hoped to ‘continue to recruit more’. […]

10 games today’s kids in Malta miss out on

Are you old enough to remember playing with dolls, splashing in puddles and climbing trees when you were a child? The simple pleasures that defined childhood for generations in Malta appear to be dying out as an increasing number of kids stay indoors and surf the internet instead. Three in four children today spend less […]

What do you miss about your childhood in Malta?

Remember those long, hot summer days at the beach followed by a quick dash to the nearest corner shop to stock up on your favourite sweets? Whether you loved playing skipping in Malta’s streets or having water fights with your friends, there are certain things we all miss about growing up in ‘the old Malta’. Now, […]