20 images of Malta’s ‘most beautiful sunset ever’

This was the incredible view of sunset over Malta that some described as the ‘most beautiful’ they had ever seen. Scores of people took to social media to share their snaps of a warm orange glow over Malta as the sun sunk beneath the horizon. Instagram users said the scene was the ‘most incredible’ and […]

12 stunning Malta gems you’ve probably never heard of

Malta has its fair share of huge tourist attractions and places to go. But if you dig a little deeper, the island also has some less well known attractions that are well worth a visit. Here’s our guide to going off the beaten track, thanks to one of Malta’s most talented landscape photographers James Scicluna. […]

Introducing Malta’s new capital of street art… Paola

Malta’s latest mural masterpiece has been unveiled. The stunning street art is the work of leading Maltese artist Justin Bonnici. He unveiled his latest mural on Valletta Road in the heart of Paola, opposite the town’s police station. It took only two days to create the artwork, which was commissioned by a Paola bar. This […]

Tonight’s sunset over Malta is a truly beautiful sight

Even by its own ridiculously high standards, tonight’s sunset over Malta has been particularly stunning. We’ve been treated to some beautiful views from social media users of the sun going down over the Maltese Islands. Here, we take a look at some of the best pictures of Malta’s sunset on Saturday night. 1. Sunset from Mtarfa […]